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The people’s car

Volkswagen show complete dedication to the people that buy their cars; blending style, performance and reliability to create vehicles that are both iconic and dependable.

From the best-selling Golf and updated Beetle to the new family-friendly T-Roc and environment-conscious ID range; Volkswagen manufacture cars that are easy to fall in love with.

We know that choosing the right Volkswagen is important to you, so we have a range of new and used cars to choose from.

We’re also aware that you need options when purchasing your Volkswagen, so we offer no deposit and bad credit leasing, as well as personal and business leases.

Use our search bar to browse our latest Volkswagen deals and car models; the most efficient, well-rounded and authentic car manufacturer on the planet.

Types of Volkswagen leasing
The Hippo Commitment

The Hippo Commitment

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Leasing FAQs

Types of Volkswagen Leasing

Personal leasing

Leasing a Volkswagen is effortless with Hippo. Browse our cars and select the model that suits your specification and budget, then choose your contract length. Arrange your monthly payments, get on the road and return when your contract is over.

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Business leasing

If you want a car that is design-conscious, high-performance yet modest and unpretentious, we offer business leases on our Volkswagen cars. We source business fleet cars and private lease cars for thousands of businesses across the UK. So, whether you’re looking for new or used cars, an individual vehicle or a fleet – you’ll find your ideal Volkswagen with Hippo.

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No deposit leasing

If you want to lease a Volkwagen but you don’t have the upfront costs, delay them! We can set back any payments for 30 days and you can avoid paying a deposit altogether.

You shouldn’t worry about being short on time either, as Hippo take care of all the paperwork. We can deliver your car to your door and pick up a part-exchange vehicle on arrival.

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Bad credit leasing

Bad credit doesn’t have to affect your ability to lease a Volkswagen car, we help people from various credit and financial backgrounds. Get in touch and see if we can help you.

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In Stock Volkswagen
Drive Away The Same Day!

Want your Volkswagen straight away? If you can find a used or new in-stock vehicle on our website, you can arrange your lease and pick it up on the same day.

Browse our range of in-stock Volkswagens and choose the one you love.
Contact us by telephone, or by filling in our online enquiry form
We’ll send the paperwork by email; check it, sign and email it back
Collect your car from our showroom the very same day!

We can also deliver your car anywhere in the UK for a small cost. Get in touch today and get the Volkwagen you want!

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Volkwagen leasing FAQs

Ever since the Volkswagen Bettle was invented in 1937, Volkswagen has built and maintained a stellar reputation for manufacturing reliable vehicles. A reputation that has stuck to this day. Volkswagen vehicles often top the lists of the most reliable vehicles in the UK.

Much like the general perception of the car, Volkswagen interiors are functional, aesthetically-pleasing and aren’t overcomplicated or ridden with pointless technology. Volkswagen keeps it simple, their motto is ‘how can we improve the interior without damaging what we already have?’. The cars keep their original charm while providing something new and exciting.

While Volkswagen cars are high-performance, attractive motors, they’re also affordable. So you may be thinking what’s the point in leasing one? If you want to lease a new or nearly new Volkswagen, you’re getting the car in its best years before you return it. If you lease a Volkswagen in its later years you have the same peace of mind. You can also keep changing cars, which is appealing to motoring enthusiasts (which we find most Volkswagen owners are!).